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....if you want , we can get over it....

Every one of us has a baggage that is carried in a relationship. We make silly things due to this baggage, subconsciously wanting to prove to others that the world belongs to us and we can do whatever we want. But life comes and gives you a big kick, demonstrating that you are heartig people who don't deserve this, that are not to be blamed for what others did to you in life. Relationships are sometimes about saying what you want to say, are about sincerity, honesty, not about wicked games, ambitions, egos.... you might find in your way the perfect man that can help you unpack, but you are too blind to see. Only when the veil was removed from your eyes and  your stupid prejudice was casted-off, you realize that you are on the edge of loosing that incredible man in your life..... you can accept this or you can fight... I don't want to accept this, i want to fight and prove that beyond the superficiality of the moment there is a heart willing to love but too scared to accept this.

think it over.....  is it worthed for you?


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Portret chinezesc...da mai departe

Ati observat ce forfota e pe strazi zilele acestea? Peste tot vezi mamici si copii care isi achizitioneaza noi rechizite, uniforme, ghiozdanele... Recunosc, sfiita, ca nu m-am putut stapani si m-am intors acasa cu vreo doua caiete parfumate si cateva pixuri colorate (copil).
Purtand o discutie cu o prietena, ne amintim de oracolele din copilarie, acele caiete frumos colorate, ce ascundeau intrebari cu subinteles, si pe care le piteam care pe unde apucam ca nu cumva vreunul din parinti sa descopere mica comoara. Ei bine, rasfoind paginile electronica ale revistei ONE am gasit ceva asemanator. Am intrat in joc, si m-am gandit ca pentru o clipa de relaxare, nu ar strica sa postez "jocul" aici. Si daca tot se poarta leapsa pe net, dau mai departe pentru cine vrea sa se destinda un pic.

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